Maverick Storm 1 Wash
Maverick Storm 1 Wash

Maverick Storm 1 Wash


Maverick Storm 1 Wash is a powerful, IP65-rated RGBW Osram LED moving head, and the first of its kind to join the award-winning Maverick series!

The outdoor-ready unit features a compact and rugged die-cast aluminum housing built with marine grade stainless steel screws to withstand even the harshest elements. With an output of just over 6000 lumens, its customized optics are well suited for audience and aerial washing, even at larger venues.


Pixel-mapping effects and a massive zoom range further add to the unit’s versatility; and a virtual gobo wheel with background colors creates an array of immersive atmospheric effects. The RDM-enabled unit features 16-bit dimming and can be controlled via DMX, W-DMX, sACN, and Art-Net.

Fully featured IP 65 rated RGBW LED yoke wash fixture with pixel mapping and zoom
16-bit dimming of master dimmer as well as individual colors for smooth control of fades
Built-in colors for quick design possibilities
Built-in virtual gobo wheel with background colors for impressive atmospheric effects
Precise movement of pan, tilt, and zoom
Quiet operation for a wide range of installation situations, both indoor and outdoor
DMX, W-DMX, S ACN, Art-Net, and Kling-Net control for full flexibility
RDM Enabled for remote addressing and trouble shooting
11° – 42° Zoom angle for variable beam sizes
True 1 compatible power input
Battery backup display with auto rotate depending on fixture orientation
Three setup menu presets and preset sync for cross loading to multiple like-fixtures for easy shop setup


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Light Source: 19 LEDs (quad-color RGBW) 20 W, (1.3 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
Color Temperature (range): 2800 to 10000 K
Beam Angle: 7° to 27°
Field Angle: 11° to 42°
Zoom Angle: 11° to 42°
Lumens – Source: 8,800
Lumens – Output: 6,000
Illuminance (7°): 11,032 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (42°): 832 lux @ 5 m

Pan and Tilt: 540°/270°
Pan and Tilt Ranges: 180°, 360°, 540° pan/90°, 180°, 270° tilt
Dimmer: Electronic
Shutter/Strobe: Electronic
Zoom: Motorized
Strobe Rate: 0 to 27 Hz
Standalone Color Mixing: No
Color Temperature Presets: Yes
Move-in-Black: Yes
Dim Curves: 4

Dimensions: 12.5 x 16.3 x 18.77 in (319 x 414 x477 mm)
Weight: 59 lb ( 27 kg)
Exterior Color: Black
Housing Material: High-impact flame-retardant polymer
IP Rating: 65
Operating temperature range: 14°F – 104°F (-10°C – 40°C)

Power Input/Output: Seetronic Powerkon IP65
Data Connectors: 5-pin IP rated XLR, Neutrik IP rated RJ45 Connectors in/out
Cable Length (power): 5 ft (1.5 m)

Control Protocol: Art-Net, sACN, Kling-Net, RDM, DMX, W-DMX
DMX Channels Single Mode: 20, 96, 178, 216
DMX Channels Dual Mode – Function: 8, 20, 26
DMX Channels Dual Mode – Pixel: 57, 76, 152
Art-Net Channels Single Mode: 20, 96, 178, 216
Art-Net Channels Dual Mode – Function: 8, 20, 26
Art-Net Channels Dual Mode – Pixel: 57, 76, 152

Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
Power Linking: 3 units @ 120 V; 6 units @ 208 V; 7 units @ 230 V
Power and Current: 443 W, 3.75 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz
Power and Current: 433 W, 2.21 A @ 208 V, 60 Hz
Power and Current: 430 W, 1.91 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz

Maverick Storm 1 Wash
Seetronic Powerkon IP65 power cord to bare wire
Omega bracket with mounting hardware

Professional Clamp: CTC-50HC, CTC-50HCN
Safety Cable: SC-07
DMX Cables
IP Rated Seetronic® Powerkon Extensions
MRUPLOAD software uploader
Micro T-1 TRX G5 WDMX Transceiver