ColorSource Spot jr 25/50
ColorSource Spot jr 25/50

ColorSource Spot jr 25/50


With 5,700 lumens of brightness coming out of this light-weight fixture, ColorSource Spot jr fits any need.

Light Engine Dry Hire stock the original array.


Small size. Small price tag. Big performance.

ColorSource Spot jr gives you more of what you love at a fraction of the cost AND a fraction of the size. This fixture uses the same color technology as other ETC fixtures including droop compensation, extensive third-party lifetime testing, and comprehensive factory color calibration.

ColorSource Spot jr is available in both original and Deep Blue arrays.

Built in zoom
ColorSource Spot jr has built-in zoom capability, great for small stages, club spaces, and retail. Longer throws and short trim heights make this an all-purpose luminaire. Highlight a performer with a special in one show and add texture with a breakup pattern in another.

Color Integrity
ColorSource luminaires are factory-calibrated to ensure consistency. They feature a four-color mixing system offering bright, vibrant colors and perfectly-mixed pastels.

The thermal management algorithms built into every ColorSource fixture ensure that the colors you choose in rehearsal are the colors you get during the show.

Fixtures that last a lifetime
ColorSource Spot jr was designed to have an L70 rating of 50,000 hours.

Whether it is an IES-approved LM-84 or LM-80 plus in-situ test, independent test agencies confirm that what we’ve built will stand up to the ultimate test: the test of time.

We put our money our mouth is. Most LED luminaire manufacturers offer a 2-year limited warranty. ETC offers a 5-year warranty on the entire fixture, and an astonishing 10-year warranty on the LED array.

More light where you need it
Lower watts for more output mean lower power consumption and increased luminaires per circuit. But, perhaps just as importantly, it means lower heat, which leads to a longer, brighter life. ETC obsesses over every detail, ensuring that the fixture you buy today will still be lighting incredible shows for years to come.

Lower wattage means more fixtures on a single circuit, so you’ll get more light where you need it!

Additional information




A.               General

                                         1.               The fixture shall be a color-mixing high-intensity LED illuminator with DMX control of intensity and color. The fixture shall be a ColorSource Spot jr or  ColorSource Spot jr Deep Blue as manufactured by Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc. or approved equal.

                                         2.               All LED fixtures shall be provided by a single manufacturer to ensure compatibility

                                         3.               The fixture shall be UL 1598 listed

                                         4.               The fixture shall comply with the USITT DMX512-A standard

                                         5.               The fixture shall be provided with the minimum warranty of 5 years full fixture coverage and 10 years LED array coverage

                                         6.               ColorSource Spot jr and ColorSource Spot jr Deep Blue

a.           The fixture shall have LM-80 testing for all LEDs with a L70 rating of no less than 54,000 hours

A.               Physical

                                         1.               The unit shall be constructed of rugged Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic

                                         2.               The unit shall utilize a 7-segment display for settings and operation

                                         3.               The following shall be provided:

a.           0.024” full hard 301 stainless steel shutters
b.           Rugged steel yoke with two mounting positions allowing 300°+ rotation of the fixture within the yoke

                                         4.               The housing shall be available in black or white

                                         5.               Power supply, cooling and electronics shall be integral to each unit.

                                         6.               The unit shall ship with:

a.           Theatrical-style hanging yoke as standard
b.           5’ cable with Neutrik powerCON™ to choice of connector as standard

                                         7.               Available options shall include but not be limited to:

a.           Bare-end, Stage-Pin or Twist-lock type-equipped power leads
b.           powerCON to powerCON cables for fixture power linking
c.           Smooth Wash Diffuser for overlapping beams of light from multiple fixtures
d.           Accessory holder

B.               Optical

                                         1.               The light beam should have a 2-to-1 center-to-edge drop-off ratio

                                         2.               The unit shall provide, but not be limited to:

a.           Low gate and beam temperature
b.           Sharp imaging through a three-plane shutter design

                                            3.            The unit shall provide, but not be limited to:

a.           Sharp shutter cuts without halation
b.           Shutter warping and burnout in normal use shall be unacceptable
c.           Adjustable hard and soft beam edges

                                         4.               The unit shall have a 55mm gate

a.           Shall utilize an M-sized pattern holder

C.               Environmental and Agency Compliance

                                         1.               The fixture shall be ETL and cETL LISTED and/or CE rated, and shall be so labeled when delivered to the job site.

                                         2.               The fixture shall be ETL LISTED to the UL1598

                                         3.               The fixture shall be rated for IP-20 dry location use.

D.               Thermal

                                         1.               Fixture shall be equipped with a cooling fan.

                                         2.               The fixture shall utilize advanced thermal management systems to maintain LED life to an average of 70% intensity after 54,000 hours of use

a.           Thermal management shall include multiple temperature sensors within the housing to include:
1)          LED array circuit board temperatures
2)          Fixture ambient internal temperature

                                         3.               The fixture shall operate in an ambient temperature range of 0°C (32°F) minimum, to 40° C (104°F) maximum ambient temperature.

E.               Electrical

                                         1.               The fixture shall be equipped with a 100V to 240V 50/60Hz internal power supply

                                         2.               The fixture shall support power in and thru operation

a.           Power in shall be via Neutrik® powerCONinput connector
b.           Power thru shall be via Neutrik ® powerCON™ output connector
c.           Fixture power wiring and accessory power cables shall be rated to support linking of multiple fixtures up to the capacity of a 15A breaker

                                         3.               The fixture requires power from a non-dim source

                                         4.               Fixtures shall have droop compensation to prevent thermal shift of color or intensity

                                         5.               Power supply outputs shall have self-resetting current-limiting protection

                                         6.               Power supply shall have power factor correction

F.               LED Emitters

                                         1.               The fixture shall contain a minimum of four different LED colors to provide color characteristics as described in the Color Section below

                                         2.               All LEDs used in the fixture shall be high brightness and proven quality from established and reputable LED manufacturers.

a.           Fixture shall utilize Luxeon® C LED emitters

                                         3.               Manufacturer of LED emitters shall utilize an advanced production LED binning process to maintain color consistency.

                                         4.               LED emitters should be rated for nominal 54,000-hour L70

                                         5.               LED system shall comply with all relevant patents

G.              Calibration

                                         1.               Fixture shall be calibrated at factory to achieve consistent color and intensity output between fixtures built at different times and/or from different LED lots or bins

a.           Calibration data shall be stored on the control card as a permanent part of on-board operating system
b.           All arrays, including replacement arrays shall be calibrated to the same standard to insure consistency
c.           Fixtures not offering LED calibration shall not be acceptable

H.               Color

                                         1.               The fixture shall utilize a minimum of 52 LED emitters

a.           These emitters shall be made up of Red, Green, Blue and Lime for ColorSource Spot jr
b.           These emitters shall be made up of Red, Green, Indigo and Lime for ColorSource Spot jr Deep Blue

I.                 Dimming

                                         1.               The LED system shall use 15-bit nonlinear scaling techniques for high-resolution dimming.

                                         2.               The fixture shall utilize an Incandescent dimming curve

                                         3.               Dimming curve shall be optimized for smooth dimming over longer timed fades.

                                         4.               The LED system shall be digitally driven using high-speed pulse width modulation (PWM)

                                         5.               LED control shall be compatible with broadcast equipment in the following ways:

a.           PWM control of LED levels shall be imperceptible to video cameras and related equipment
b.           PWM shall be capable of being set via RDM to 25,000hz

J.                Control and User interface

                                         1.               The fixture shall be USITT DMX512-A compatible via In and Thru 5-pin XLR connectors

                                         2.               The fixture shall be compatible with the ANSI RDM E1.20 standard

a.           All fixture functions shall accessible via RDM protocol for modification from suitably equipped control console
b.           Temperature sensors within the luminaire shall be viewable in real time via RDM
c.           Fixtures not offering RDM compatibility, feature set access or temperature monitoring via RDM shall not be compatible

                                         3.               The fixture shall be equipped with a 7-segment display

                                         4.               The fixture shall be equipped with a three-button user-interface

                                         5.               A variable-rate strobe channel shall be provided

                                         6.               The fixture shall offer stand-alone functionality eliminating the need for a console

a.           Fixture shall ship with 12 preset colors or color temperatures accessible as a stand-alone feature
b.           Fixture shall ship with 5 sequences accessible as a stand-alone feature
c.           Each color and sequence can be modified by the end user via RDM
d.           Fixtures can be linked together with standard DMX cables and controlled from designated master fixture
1)          Up to 32 fixtures may be linked
e.           Fixtures in a stand-alone state shall restore to the settings present prior to power cycling, eliminating the need for reprogramming
f.            Fixtures without stand-alone operation features described above shall not be acceptable.