The MAC Aura XB takes an award-winning, innovative, compact LED wash light to the next level, incorporating many new features first introduced with the MAC Quantum Wash™. Not only does the MAC Aura XB offer additional brightness, it also features a new superior color mixing system and an optimized lens design for tighter beams and more even washes. Martin’s unique and patented Eye-candy Aura Effect™ is also part of the package.



Super bright single lens wash with fully premixed color
Compact design and low weight
High efficiency, low power consumption, long service life

Super-bright single-lens wash with fully premixed color
Broad color palette, RGBW color mixing
Eye-candy Aura Effect™
Uniform shades
Built-in FX engine
10 to 60° uniform zoom
6000 Lumens output
Rapid movement
Compact, low weight design (6.5 kg)
High efficiency, low power consumption, long lifetime

Additional information





Width (across yoke): 302 mm (11.89 in.)
Width (base): 222 mm (8.74 in.)
Height (head straight up): 332 mm (13.07 in.)
Height (maximum): 390 mm (15.35 in.)
Depth (head): 163 mm (6.42 in.)
Depth (base): 138 mm (5.43 in.)
Minimum center-to-center distance in side-by-side installation: 330 mm (12.99 in.)
Weight: 6.5 kg (14.4 lbs)


Beam Dimmer/Shutter: 0 – 100% continuous dimming, regular and random strobe/pulse/burst, instant open and blackout
Beam Dimming options: Choice of four dimming curves
Beam Color Mixing: RGB (RGBW in Raw Mode), independently variable 0 – 100%
Beam Color Temperature Control: Variable 2,500 – 10,000 K
Beam Virtual Color wheel: 33 color presets, continuous rotation & random color
Zoom: Motorized with 1:6 zoom ratio
Pan: Motorized 540°
Tilt: Motorized 232°
Aura Dimmer/Shutter: 0 – 100% continuous dimming, regular and random strobe/pulse/burst effects, instant open and blackout
Aura Dimming options: Choice of four dimming curves
Aura Color Mixing: RGB, independently variable 0 – 100%
Aura Virtual Color wheel: 33 color presets, continuous rotation & random color
Pre-programmed effects: Two ranges of FX on Beam, Aura or Combination; independent or synchronized/combined


Control Protocols: DMX and RDM
DMX Modes: Standard & Extended
DMX Channels: 14 & 25
16-bit Controllable Parameters: Pan and Tilt
Setting and Addressing: Display Menu or RDM
Local User Interface: Backlit LCD Display
DMX Compliance: USITT DMX512-A
RDM Compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20
DMX/RDM Transceiver: Galvanic-isolated RS-485
Firmware Update: via DMX using Martin Companion


Front Lens Diameter: 200 mm (7.87 in.)
Zoom Range: 1:6
Full Zoom Range at Half Peak (Beam Angle): 9.0° – 41.7°
Full Zoom Range at Tenth Peak (Field Angle): 10.3° – 59.1°
Beam Light Source: 19 x 15 W RGBW LED
Aura Light Source: 30 x 0.3 W RGB LED
Max. Total Beam LED Engine Power: 285 W
Max. Total Aura LED Engine Power: 9 W
Minimum LED lifetime: > 50.000 hours (to > 70% luminous output)*
*Figure obtained under manufacturer’s test conditions


Light Engine Luminous Output: 10,000 lumens
Fixture Luminous Output Wide: 6,000 lumens
Fixture Luminous Output Narrow: 4,300 lumens
Peak Luminous Intensity Narrow: 220,000 cd
CCT: Variable 2,500 K – 10,000 K (+/- 200 K)
CRI (Color Rendering Index): ≥ 67
CQS (Color Quality Scale): ≥ 82
TM-30 Rf (IES TM-30-15 Fidelity Index): ≥ 76
TM-30 Rg (IES TM-30-15 Gamut Index): ≥ 119
TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index): ≥ 48
Beam LED Refresh Rate: 1,200 Hz
Aura LED Refresh Rate: 4,395 Hz
Binning: Tight color and flux binning
Calibration: Full Gamut Color Calibration of Beam and Aura
Color Modes: Extended Color Mode, Calibrated Color Mode and Raw Color Mode
* All Photometric Data measured in steady state (30 minutes warm-up time) at 25°C ambient


Housing: High-impact thermoplastic, flame-retardant to UL 94 5VA
Color: Black
Protection rating: IP20


Mounting points: M12 threaded hole for rigging clamp and attachment points for surface-mounting bracket
Location: Indoor
Orientation: Any
Minimum distance to combustible materials: 0.2 m (7.87 in.)
Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 1.0 m (39.37 in.)


AC mains power in/thru: Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
DMX and RDM data in/thru: Neutrik 5-pin locking XLR


AC power: 100-240 V AC nominal, 50/60 Hz
Power supply unit: Auto-ranging electronic switch mode
Typical half-cycle RMS inrush current at 230 V, 50 Hz: 10.7 A
Power Factor: 0.99 @ 100 V / 120 V , 0.97 @ 208 V , 0.95 @ 230 V / 240 V
Max current draw: 3.8 A @ 100 V / 120 V , 1.8 A @ 208 V / 230 V / 240 V
Typical current draw: 3.8 A @ 100 V , 3.2 A @ 120 V , 1.8 A @ 208 V , 1.7 A @ 230 V , 1.6 A @ 240 V *
Power Consumption
Maximum: 400 W
Typical: 359 W *
Idle: 25 W *
* Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.
Typical: full output white, no effects moving, regulated fan speed.
Idle: no output, no effects moving, regulated fan speed.


Cooling: Forced air (temperature-regulated, low noise, user-definable levels)
Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 40° C (104° F)
Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 5° C (41° F)
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 1230 BTU/hr.


Sound Pressure Level (LpA) @ 1 m (default regulated fan mode, full output): 28.9 dB(A)


RoHS: Compliant
REACH: Compliant
WEEE: Compliant
Proposition 65: Compliant
Efficacy (max output): 26.7 lm/W
LWR*: 923 lm/kg (417 lm/lb)
LWR = Lumen-to-Weight Ratio


EU safety: EN 60598-2-17 (EN 60598-1), EN 62471
EU EMC: EN 55103-1, EN 55103-2, EN 55015, EN 61547
US safety: UL 1573
US EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A
Canadian safety: CSA E598-2-17 (CSA E60598-1)
Canadian EMC: ICES-003 Class A
Australia/NZ: C-TICK N4241
United Kingdom: UKCA