The ACME Group, founded in 1985, is a pioneering, specialist manufacturer of professional stage lighting, sound systems and architectural lighting. Supported by extensive R&D, production and sales, ACME’s future-proofed factory spans an impressive 100-acre site in Gaoming district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. In recent years the business has seen rapid growth in both its home market and overseas. Today, the ACME Group prides itself on its far-reaching sales and support network, which covers 70 countries and regions worldwide.

Product, R&D and Technological Innovation

At ACME, we regard scientific and technological innovation as the foundation of all enterprise development. We strive to research and develop safe, innovative and advanced energy-saving performance equipment, to meet customers’ demands with the highest quality of product and service.

ACME has an elite R&D team of more than 100 people, both at home in China and overseas. Our team has unrivalled experience in the creation of professional stage lighting, sound systems and accessories. We have mastered the processes of production: design and development, prototype production, automation production, project management, experimental specification, quality control and the adoption of internationally recognized standards.

Through its continuous innovation, ACME has successfully reached a leading position in the professional stage lighting and sound industry and is increasingly influencing the market internationally.

Quality assurance, professional manufacturing

With the introduction of robotic machine arms, automated SMT equipment, precision CNC punch machines, automated laser cutting machines and other advanced equipment, ACME continuously surpasses its own efficiency standards with the continuous improvement of its production line.

ACME has successfully achieved the internationally-recognized ISO9001:2015 standard, and adopted vertical integration in production management to improve its product competitiveness. The company also uses monitoring quality control system throughout the manufacturing process, and precision inspection equipment in conjunction with highly professional personnel to constantly strive towards our ultimate goal of zero defects.