A professional stage lighting show demands fixtures you can trust. SGM won’t let you down. Seriously. SGM develops the best in class stage luminaires. SGM own the technology to build the flexible and efficient stage lights needed by the industry, where high quality, reliability, and innovation are some of the most important features. SGM push the limits within the world of stage lighting to create solutions that artists, lighting designers and audiences are really looking for.

Explore the different SGM luminaires for the entertainment industry
SGM’s extensive range of entertainment lighting include products such as moving heads, washes, strobes, blinders, flood lights, and effect lighting. This multi-purpose wide range of SGM fixtures is designed to tailor the lighting setup up to your needs. SGM Light is represented in many countries worldwide, and their products are used globally at all types of stage events and venues, including concerts, theatre productions, films, exhibitions, theme parks, and art installations.

Unique testing and development process
All SGM stage lights undergo rigorous testing and development, ensuring top-of-the-line LED fixtures that provide superior performance. SGM implement high quality standards for light output, color consistency, thermal management, and weatherproof resistance, to guarantee an extreme durability, excellent performance, and almost no maintenance.

Ultimate stage light testing
To be able to guarantee the durability and the best performance possible, all SGM stage lights are pushed to the limits in different ways. SGM lock up the fixtures in a salt chamber, sandblast the lenses, apply high-pressure washers over them, and test them in very high and low temperatures. They even encase the fixtures in a block of ice before smashing it with a sledgehammer. It is literally a torture, but SGM are really focused on building fixtures you can trust.